Residential territory war

I found this letter on my windshield this morning:

As homeowners, we tend to park on, or in front of, our own properties. We aren’t legally required to do so; we do it as a courtesy to each other. Obviously, there are times when this is simply not possible, but it is generally practiced. You, as renters in a residential neighborhood, may be unaware of this convention. You might also be unaware that an owner of rental properties is required to provide adequate parking for renters. Certainly you are free to park wherever you wish. Just as we are free to request that our local authorities contact your landlord regarding possible zoning violations. We feel that this is probably not necessary. You decide.

I was so mad when I got this. I can’t believe how arrogant a person must be to think that they have some terrirtorial right to the street in front of their house. After all, it is the street. Sorry, “homeowners”, but the street isn’t part of your property, and anyone can park on it just like any other city road, even us lowly “renters”.

The letter was anonymous, but I’m pretty sure which neighbor left it, based on previous comments that they’ve made and (more obviously) the house in front of which I had been parked. I wanted to go bang on their door and yell at them, but instead I took the letter (which was wet because of all of the morning rain/dew/melted snow on my windshield) and pushed it against their front window so that it stuck, letter facing in.

By the time I got to work they had brought the letter back and placed it in front of our door, with a hand-written note denying that they wrote it. (As if the location of my car and their knowledge that the letter was intended for me wasn’t enough to show otherwise.)

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6 Responses to Residential territory war

  1. lae26 says:

    If you guys want an extra car to park directly in front of their house, let us know. Now that Marshall works in Salt Lake, he can always drop his car off conveniently for one of his 12 hour shifts. (you’d have to give him a ride to work from your house and back though) Let us know. Really.

    • Starla says:

      I would still park in front of their house. Even if someone owned the house you are in and had 4 or 5 cars, they would still be allowed to park in front of their house. Unless they are really investigative, how are they supposed to know that renting out the bottom is illegal.

      If they had come to you nicely and said something about it, I would have done my best, but an ignorant note is fighting ground. Maybe they didn’t write the note…maybe they just know who wrote the note because all the neighbors are talking about you. ha ha… oooo the controversy…

      And if they did get you kicked out, I would come back and park in front of their house to prove a point.

      P.S. I am LOVING that I am officially on Provo Platinum. I just noticed today…

  2. loydo38 says:


    you should let them know where they can stick that letter. and then tell them to shut their pie hole.

  3. kelly says:

    And here’s the REALLY annoying thing… I called the city to see if our neighbors actually could get us in trouble. Well, we’re absolutely allowed to park anywhere we like on the street without fear of retaliation, but it turns out that my landlord most likely is renting out her basement illegally. So in that case, they absolutely could get us in trouble, if they wanted to. We emailed our landlord to let her know about the situation, and she neither confirmed nor denied that we’re illegal. She just told us to “do whatever you can to keep the neighbors happy as everyone benefits.”

    So what REALLY bugs is that now we can’t even throw rocks at the neighbor’s windows, or leave our cars running outside their house, or loiter on “their” section of the sidewalk with all our buddies from the local truck stop… because even though we’ve got some cranky neighbors, we kind of like living here and don’t really want to toy with the possibility of getting kicked out. So much for revenge.

    All I know is that when I am a homeowner, I am going to be SOOO nice to renters in my neighborhood. Dang elitist snobs.

  4. bryant says:

    Lauren’s idea is still pretty good. Maybe if we have Marshall walk around the corner before we pick him up then they won’t know that he’s our friend and we won’t get in trouble. If that works maybe we can get him to start towing a trailer to work so that he takes up more space when parking in front of their house.

  5. The UnMighty says:

    I would wait in your car outside the note writers house and when he comes out for anything, run him down and park on top of him! Then turn off your car, get out, look into his dying eyes, and scream, “CALL MY LANDLORD NOW, B-YOTCH!!!”

    Okay, maybe that’s a little overboard. Maybe a quite discussion over milk and cookies would bring you both to a mutual understanding. But, whatever works, right?

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