The Moat

The apartment that Kelly and I live in is really just the basement of a house. We have some concrete steps going down to our basement on the side of the house, and those steps turn into a death trap for everything that dares to go down there (except for us, hopefully).

I think gravity (or witchcraft) sucks everything in the neighborhood down into the landing at the bottom of our steps. It fills up with leaves and snow and rain, and in the winter it’s basically 4 inches of icy water that protects the apartment like a castle’s moat.

Besides simple inanimate things filling up the moat, it seems like every bug in the area decides that our hole is the place it is going to crawl down in order to die. We’ve had spiders, snails, about a million (give or take 3) roly-polys, and most recently a katydid. I don’t know if they’re intentionally choosing the moat as their final resting grounds or if somehow they get trapped down there. It does seem to happen regardless if the moat is wet or dry at the time, so if they’re getting trapped then it is probably some unknown cosmic force that is doing the trapping.

I just hope that no humans coming to visit us ever wait at the bottom of those steps for too long, or I’m afraid they’ll end up like the snails and katydids.

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