It’s Official

We’ve got some big news. No, Kelly’s not pregnant. We’re moving to Seattle, Washington. Soon.

Kelly’s planning on going into UW’s Physician’s Assistant program. That’s a big change from her Economics undergrad, so she’s got a lot of prereqs to take care of first, but she’s really excited about it. I’m excited that she’s found something she’s excited about. When I told my work that Kelly was going back to school they asked me to stay on with them and to telecommute to work. That’s pretty exciting and flattering, and very stress-relieving that I won’t have to worry about finding a new job when we get up there.

It’s all been happening really fast, and now it’s just over two weeks until we move. In fact, it’s happening so fast that we don’t even know where we’re going to live. We’re basically just packing up all of our stuff and taking off, and we won’t know where we’re going to land until we get there. We don’t even know anything about the area at all to guide us. Kelly’s never been to Seattle and the only time I’ve been there I was 7 years old and too busy finding quartz crystals in my great-grandpa’s yard to notice anything about where we were.

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