Any rain is better than what we’ve been getting

On the news this morning the weather forecast said that the next few days would have some rain, but not much. Then one of the newscasters said, “Well any rain is good compared to what we’ve been getting.”

And it wasn’t a joke. They continued to talk about how there hadn’t been much snow and how we weren’t getting much participation.

Are they living in the same place as us? The place where you can’t even walk across the parking lot to take the garbage out without getting your pant legs soaked? Where it’s so wet that moss grows on the highway and street signs?

If this is a dry winter for Washington then it’s a good thing we moved here this year. The Utah-Washington transition might have been too much to handle if it weren’t so dang dry here this year.

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  1. Marshall says:

    Precipitation. =)

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