Easter with our growing family

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve posted on our family blog, but today seemed like a good day to make another post. Easter’s an important day for our family. It helps us remember that we’ll all get to be together again some day.

We have a new little boy since my last post: Benjamin Leo Anderson Casteel. He’s 5 months old today! And yes, he’s dressed like a duck in this picture. My mom made him this outfit for Easter and I think it’s awesome.

Kelly and Ben with Isaac's headstone

My little family spending Easter as together as we can be

We’ve been trying to establish some Easter traditions for our family. High on that list, of course, is to consume large amounts of chocolate. But we really want to make sure that the central part of our family’s tradition is┬áremembering Jesus and his resurrection. Our faith that our boy Isaac will live again because of Jesus has been such an important strength and comfort for us, and we hope that we can share that with Ben as he grows up.

So even though Ben probably won’t remember his first Easter, we’ve got some photo documentation that he spent it with us remembering his brother, and hopefully that will be the start of some traditions for Ben’s life, too.

But, no, we didn’t feed Ben any chocolate today. Maybe we’ll save that for his second Easter.

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One Response to Easter with our growing family

  1. Lynn Woodard says:

    What a sweet photo of your cute Family!
    How blessed we are to have that knowledge of the Savior and His mission.
    It gives us Hope and that is just what we all need.
    Your traditions will be important to your family and all the generations to come.

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