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Easter with our growing family

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve posted on our family blog, but today seemed like a good day to make another post. Easter’s an important day for our family. It helps us remember that we’ll all get to be … Continue reading

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Isaac Bryant Anderson Casteel

It’s been a week since we buried our little boy, Isaac. It feels too early to post about this experience, but I’m afraid that later it will feel too late.

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Proud moments?

Yesterday I found out that our nephew Finn has been standing in front of the mirror, sticking his belly out as far as he can, and saying happily, “Look, Mom, I’m becoming like Uncle Bryant!”


Welcome to Catan

Kelly and I are playing Settlers of Catan for the first time. Well, maybe not the very first time. I think we both played once or twice at BYU when everyone else loved the game, and I think we both … Continue reading



Kelly just said, “That’s the problem with change: you get used to it.”

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Any rain is better than what we’ve been getting

On the news this morning the weather forecast said that the next few days would have some rain, but not much. Then one of the newscasters said, “Well any rain is good compared to what we’ve been getting.”

And it wasn’t a joke. Continue reading

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Christmas presents to live in

One week and one day after Kelly and I came to Worshington we got an apartment. We had a little bit of a race with another couple to get the place, but we won out basically because we don’t have pets and because we’re so good-looking. We got to move in yesterday, and by move in I just mean that we’re allowed to sleep here, because we won’t get our stuff for another week. We are really happy with the apartment, and as nice as it would have been to spend Christmas at Motel 6, we’re really grateful to have a new place to live. Continue reading

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It’s Official

We’ve got some big news. No, Kelly’s not pregnant. Continue reading

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The Moat

The apartment that Kelly and I live in is really just the basement of a house. We have some concrete steps going down to our basement on the side of the house, and those steps turn into a death trap for everything that dares to go down there (except for us, hopefully).
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Linear Algebra meets INTJ

My friend Brooke posted a link to this personality test on her blog. Kelly took the test and liked it, so she got me to take the test and I liked it too. I’m an INTJ and Kelly’s an INFJ. That’s jut a preface for the nerdy things I decided to do next.

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